When other staff are the problem

So this just happened and I’m still riled up from it.

I was on the phone with a lovely customer, sorting out the details of their order when I received a message from another staff member on our messaging app. I ignored it as I do when I’m with a customer as I knew I’d be free in about 5 mins to check the message. During the next 5 mins the app kept flashing, indicating they were sending multiple messages. Then I got an email though from the same staff member.

Got to a point with the customer where I had to place them on hold briefly so I checked the message. If was from a retail store member.

“Hi I urgently need to speak to you”…

(No reply)


(No reply)

“Are you there?”

(No reply)

“I have just sent you an email. It is very important from one of your customers”

This is when I finally saw the message. Which I responded with:

“Sorry, I am currently on a call with a customer. I will be free soon”.

No further messages from her so once I finish with my customer I check my emails.

This staff member is telling me to call the customer about a biling issue due to a mistake I made on the account when I ran their order. She also proceeded to tell me how I should have initially run the order (which isn’t how we run orders, and as she is from a completely different department with very limited access she wouldn’t know).

This customers order had been completed and a charge had been added for connection which shouldn’t have been. In this situation the customer should be transferred to our billing team as my team don’t have the ability to add such credits. The additional charge should have been waived by another team after I pushed the order through, which wasn’t done.

I replied to this email advising the above and haven’t yet heard back.

I expect stuff like this from customers, but from another staff member???

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