Politics Bring Out The Worst In People

Hey all, just found this subreddit and am loving it, so I wanted to share some of my stories throughout the years of working as a CSR in a couple different call centers.

This took place right before the 2016 presidential election. I was working for a cable company at the time which serviced parts of Washington State, Oregon and California. Let’s call the company…Rave Broadband. (Not the real name but meh).

Anyone who has or is working for a cable company knows that outages can (and will) happen at any time. This outage just so happen to have happened roughly thirty minutes before the FIRST republican debate. One minute our call queue was at 10, the next, BOOM. 450ish. Every single angry call I received was from a person who was 50 years of age or older, and was upset that they weren’t able to watch the debate. Of course, I was sworn at, called names, threatened with lawsuits, yada yada yada. Pretty much your typical boring day. There were two bright sides to the outage though, the first being that anyone who was under the age of 50 understood there was an outage and accepted the reason as to why.

The second bright side? Well, this took place in Oregon. Without trying to get political, Oregon is known to be a fairly…left leaning/liberal/democratic state for the most part. Turns out, that the reason there was a state wide outage, was due to the fact that someone who was very anti-right/republican/conservative/etc. took an AXE to the main line and sliced it cleanly in two.

This was planned. I found it funny at the time, now I find it sad. But hey, that’s politics for ya.

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