The one bad call that ruins your day

On my lunch break, just wanted to complain a bit.

I can get a sea of great calls a lot of the time, and one just really fucks the whole day up, right?

In summary, I was taking payment for this woman for an invoice (health company) which was going so well.

I took the payment, asked if there was anything she needed help with.

WOMAN: Yes, how about you change your bloody website to a right number so I don’t have to wait 4 days on the phone!

ME: …

ME: …

ME: Right, not a problem I’ll look into that for you after the call (obviously not going to as the number works fine)

WOMAN: Good, at least your doing what your payed for finally (hangs up)

It’s not as bad as some, but it really plays on your mind sometimes and ruins my day with just 1 call

Anyone else feel the same when this happens?

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