Reducing cable services requires therapy

So I work for a fairly large cable co though if you don’t live in our service area you likely have not heard of us. I work in customer retention. I’ll save the back and forth usual layout and just cut straight to meat and potatoes.

When people call in because they want to reduce their bill, first thing we do is make sure they aren’t paying for things they don’t need. Next step, try a different package.

This customer, she gave me the “I don’t watch TV that much but I want every channel, HD DVR in every room for when I do, but TV isn’t that important”. We couldn’t find anything that fit exactly what she wanted. We found one that almost worked, basically she was losing a channel she watched but was close to the price she wanted.

What she said next blew my mind.

“Wow, so I don’t think I wanna change this today, I think I need to consult my therapist first.”

Bravo. She was literally going to lose bravo. The channel with the housewives.

So next time you think your life is tough, remember this story. Some people need therapy just to watch tv.

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