But you already have my address!

Hi everyone. This happened about a year ago with my current employer. I give a form of financial advice over the phone so most of the calls I take are sales enquiries but from time to time someone would call and ask to be taken off our marketing for emails and/or post. Not a big deal, only takes a minute to do, I just have to verify their name and address first. Then comes stupid lady…

Me: Hi this is (company name) Me speaking, how can I help?

SL: Hi this is Stupid Lady, I’d like to be taken off marketing please.

Me: Of course, just so I can verify who’s calling can you please confirm your address?

SL: You already have my address.

Me: Excuse me?

SL: My address, you already have it. You’re sending me marketing in the post and I want it to stop.

Me: I understand, however I need to verify your address for security then I can update your marketing preferences.

SL: But you already have my address! You’re sending me post which is proof you have it and I want this to stop immediately! I don’t need to give it to you!

Me: SL, we have thousands of customers addresses on our database, if you don’t tell me which address is yours how do I know which one to remove from marketing?

SL: I don’t understand?

Me: As you have said, as a business we have your address. However I as an individual do not know what your address is, so if you don’t tell me what your address is how can I make sure you don’t receive any more post from us?

SL: …….

Me: ……..

Sonewhere in the far distance I could then hear the sound of a penny reaching the bottom of a very deep well.

SL: Oh, I see what you mean. My address is…

You have to wonder how some people have the brain capacity to get up in the morning.

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