The time I apparently caused a customer’s death (warning: major eye roll content)

Hi! Long time lurker, first time posting here. I’ll get right to it—I used to work as a CSR for a major online pet supplies company (you’ve probably seen commercials for it on TV). Overall I loved working here but our core belief was unbelievable customer service — we took “the customer is always right” to the next level. Which sucks because the customers who called in were almost exclusively Karens who were mad because their shih tzu’s new sparkly collar was a day late due to our ignorance.

But there was one call in particular that I still think about to this day. Here we go:

Me: “Thanks for calling ___, this is ogpuffyjones speaking. How may I help you today?”

Customer: “My package was left out in the front lawn!”

Me: “Oh my goodness, I’m sorry to hear that!” confirms information, etc “So, your package on your last order was left out in the lawn?”

Customer: “YES, you guys left it way out by the mailbox in the snow!!”

Me: “Oh wow, that’s unacceptable. I’d be more than happy to send out a replacement for you!”

Customer: “NO. I’ll go out and get it myself. Don’t you know I’m in my 70s? Everyone there [at my call center I guess?] knows I’m in my 70s!! Now I’m gonna have to walk all the way out in the cold and I’m going to freeze to death. I’m going to DIE because of you guys.”

Me: “Well ma’am, like I said, we can have a replacement sent out today. I’ll also send a complaint to FedEx.”

Customer: “IT SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN LEFT THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE! Just know that if I never call back it’s because I’m DEAD all because of you!” hangs up

I still wonder about this woman, what she’s doing with her life now, why she thought that all the 1000s of employees at our company knew her personally, and who else she’s going to blame her next “death” for. I felt so awkward writing in the notes on the call, just like “CCI, said she was going to die because of us // sent shipping complaint” hahaha.

I have lots more stories like this, good and bad. Let me know if you’d like to hear some more.

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