I have a lot of money… that is why I pay my bills every 3 months so send me my free phones!

I work in a telecommunications company and I’m part of the mobility team for post paid cellphone services and I got this call from a really angry customer that wanted to renew the contract for both of his lines in the account however he was past due for around $400. If the customer is past due he is not eligible for any renewal until he pays the past due amount and the account is current, everything was good when customer was advised about that earlier today But… he made his payment through online banking… When the payment is made through online banking it takes 2-3 business days to be posted.

Back on the call when I asked him how can I help he was basically

-You are calling me a liar! You humiliate me!

-I’m really sorry to know that you are upset but could you please give me more details about the issue?

-You are so Fucking dumb! I tried to get 2 phones today and I already paid $600 and you wont give me my phones!

-I understand. In this situation this is because the payment was not posted yet but no worries it just takes 2-3 business days to post and you can get your new phones.

-No! I always pay! (yeah every like, 3 months he makes a big payment and for some reason he thinks that he has a good credit which is not true)

-I can see that you have made your payments before however as of right now we have past due amount we will need to wait until this is posted.

Then the call went for about 5 minutes between

-Why are you calling me a liar!

-No, I’m not calling you a liar….

He started cussing me so I placed him on hold so he could calm down, when I returned he though that I was someone else and he practically said.

-Are you a supervisor! I was speaking with an scumbag just right now.

I do not take insults personal so I did not care and I just said that I was not a supervisor and tried to explain again on why the system does not let us upgrade if he has past due but he just started to scream… and every time that I was trying to say something he will just scream at me so I could not talk at all, but real screaming like AAAAAAAAAAAA!

At the end he just insulted me a last time and hung up.

I’ll like to note that customer has a really really bad credit history and he thinks that he can get 2 Samsung S10 phone for free when the system is not going to approve such a High tier of contract for him.

At the end once he is allowed to renew the less he can pay for the phones will be $400 EACH and just because he was so annoying he got an exception from retention team.

RIP to the agent that has to explain the credit limitations to this person.

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