Paper invoice in the box

I’m working in sales. We’re sending automatically the invoices to the customer as a file on their e-mail. First this saves an enormous time, because it would be practically impossible to print every invoice and put it in the box for every new order, and second – this saves tons of paper. Also you can have million copies, save the invoice and so on…

So I’ve had the following conversation:

Customer = C

Me = Me

C: Hello, I’ve got my order delivered to me and everything is fine, but I don’t have the invoice.

Me: The invoice is received on your e-mail on this date, please check your email for an attachment.

C: Yeah, I know that, I’ve seen this invoice, but I don’t have it in the box.

Me: We’re sending the invoice electronically on your e-mail. You don’t need a paper invoice, because this is the official document made by us.

C: But it’s not a paper invoice on the box! I want a paper invoice in my box!!!

Me: Ookay. Not a problem. Please print the invoice from your email, take it and put it in the box. Then you will have a paper invoice in your box.

C: Are you making fun of me?!

Me: Nope. (trying not to laugh)

C: Uh-huh….

Me: Have a nice day. If we can help you with something else, please call us.

C: You too.


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