I am a Nazi over a £8 debt

basic background. I work for EnergyCo, I’ve worked in various departments over the years. This story occurred when i was working with Prepayment meters dealing with customers on the phone who had a fault or a problem with their meter.

customer calls in, gets me. She explains that her gas meter is broken because it keeps showing a debt that isn’t hers. So i look into her account. The account had been opened about a month ago and no top-ups had been made. Thus i ask a couple of questions to confirm my suspicions..

“Did you become responsible for the property on X date? (about 4 weeks prior)” “yes”

“Are you living in the property?” “we moved in today”

“Have you put any money on the meter?” “no, why should i….”

“What is the debt showing on the meter” “£8.xx”

So it’s a simple situation, the meter has been running under her name for a month. because she’s not topped the meter up, the standing charges have been building up as debt. It’s her debt all she has to do is top the meter up to pay off the debt.

Unfortunately this is where it got insane, she lost her shit and starting screaming abuse, then when she stopped for breath would hand the phone to her mother to scream abuse, then take the phone back, etc. Over the space of the next 2 minutes i got the following

-how dare i make her pay for EnergyCo’s incompetence.

-she hadn’t been living in the property so she shouldn’t pay the standing charges

-i have no right to “fine her”

– i can’t force her to pay money, that is fascism.

– i personally am a Nazi

At this point i shut her down. she either talks to me like a human being or i disconnect the call.

“Fuck off Nazi”

I press release and leave notes on the account stating the issue and her language so that if she does call up again with a different story, nobody will do anything other than tell her to pay the money

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"A year has passed and you still haven’t refunded my money back to me!"

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