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I do not always speak to customers at work. In fact, it is quite rare. I am an executive that oversees several departments and the call centre is part of my domain.

Last week, I scheduled a meeting for all of the customer service managers to receive cross-training in another area for a new product. I went and hung out in the call centre to make sure they were ok (senior agents can take escalation calls) and to check on some things.

I was on the floor for about 15 minutes when I hear a new rep sounding flustered. I start listening in to her call and she is doing great, but the customer is being relentlessly aggressive with multiple requests. Everything seems to be wrapping up, but the customer then requests a special type of file. This is not part of their package and the rep quotes the customer $150 for the file. The customer gets very upset and the rep agrees to have the cost of the file covered. This is fine and within the rep’s powers. The customer settles down a bit.

These files are created withn 24-48 hours for customers and are delivered through a file transferring service, as they are too large to email. This is explained and the customer demands the file be sent IMMEDIATELY. This is not within the reps power and the customer requests to speak to a manager IMMEDIATELY. I scribbled quickly onto a post it note for the rep to send me the call in my office and I hustled to get there to take it.

The customer asked me if i was the reps manager. I explained that I am the executive that oversees the operations departments, including the call centre. The customer told me her version of the situation and then let me know that the rep had agreed to cover the cost for the file, but that it was simply ridiculous that the file would not be ready for 24-48 hours. She demanded that I rush the order. I let her know that we do not offer rush services for that product and we process requests in the order they are received. I let her know that I checked the queue for that type of request and there were 15 ahead of hers. I told her that her request would almost certainly be processed by the end of the day (it was about 3pm). She demanded I have her job processed first and asked if there was ANYTHING I could do to expedite the request.

I told her she could pay a $150 special rush fee AND pay the $150 for the file. I let her know that if she did, I would prioritize her request and have the file transferred in the next 30 minutes. She was beside herself. She should not have to pay! She then asked me why the other customers were getting to receive their orders first. I again let her know that they had all requested before her and that they had all PAID for their files.

She told me that she would be complaining to my manager (lol) and that she would be leaving a negative review online. I let her know that if she is unhappy with our services that I would just refund her entire order and she could find another company to service her in a way that she would be happy with. I also reminded her that a bad review is a drop in the bucket for us, we have tens of thousands of great reviews. I explained that a bad review for her business would be much more impactful. She asked if I intended to leave her company a bad review. I let her know that it was totally up to her.

I have not seen a negative review, as of yet.

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