"My bill isn’t paid because you disabled my internet!"

Had a customer call and say he had no active internet service, he’d been gone for a few days and wanted to know why his service was down.

I check his account and see he’s been disabled for nonpay. I let the customer know this and he proceeds to tell me this:

“Of course it’s non-paid! It’s non-paid because I can’t get online to pay it! I tried to before I left and have been trying now but you disabled it!”

Before I can tell him that while I don’t have access to billing myself but he can call on Tuesday (as tomorrow is a holiday) and pay over the phone he responds, “fine, leave it disabled, I don’t give a shit.” He then hangs up.

So basically how dare we disable a customer’s service for not paying their bill, it is our fault they didn’t pay (even when they were active, apparently), because they are now disabled for not paying.

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