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I’m a caller, or I will be if I can ever get though.

I’ve been getting notices for months about an expired credit card. Yes. My card expired, which happens sometimes when time passes.

However I can’t update the website because I can’t edit the existing card. I also can’t delete the existing card. I also can’t add the same card, because it already exists.

So, I call in.

They’re experiencing high call volume from the moment they open until the moment they close, and my wait time will be as long as 25 minutes.

Sometimes I leave the super annoying call on speaker for 20 or 30 minutes (which is punctuated by frequent announcements that sound like someone picking up, so it’s extremely distracting, not to mention annoying because they’re telling me to do everything online).

Eventually I hang up because they never pick up.

I’ve also messaged them. They don’t understand the problem and tell me to use the website. One person did ask me to send my credit card details over email to update my account. This kind of shocked me. I thought about it, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

One day I’m going to get though. And let me tell you, I’m going to be a story that’s worthy of this sub.

Oh and the annoying part? I can’t really cancel because I’m running the stupid account for my office. I don’t want to figure out an alternative for the 30 members.

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