I swear if the last call of the month ruins my perfect month

I’ve never had a perfect month. And when I say perfect I mean I had 100% Resolution, Customer Satisfaction AND Quality grades. AHT in range, number 1 on the team, my stats are GREEN across the board.

Sorry for the humble brag. But seriously it’s so easy to get a 9/10 on something but oh no not this month 10/10.

WEEELLLLLLLL. Last night, last call. Guy calls in because he lost his phone and can’t locate it because…get this….he forgot his Snapple ID (email address) AND password.

Ok, not the end of the world there are a few ways to find it.

1, check your computer and see if it’s signed into MyTunes, check the website for auto login details.

2, go to our website click the Forgot ID link and spam every email address you’ve ever used until one hits.

3, in the rare case you are not using two-factor we may be able to search, verify you and tell you. Guess what it’s 2FA so we can’t do this one.

Well, this guy got super pissed at me because HE forgot his ID, HE forgot his password and HE doesn’t have access to any of the options in scenario 1 and he claims he tried every email he has for scenario 2.

I guess the silver lining and the only possible saving grace is he didn’t give me a callback number (said he called from a friends phone and didn’t know it and couldn’t be bothered to check) so he won’t get survey by sms, I just hope the email he did give me he forgot the password to also (or hell probably can’t even check it since you know, no computer or phone).

But seriously last call and last day of the month and I get this shit dropped on me.

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