I really wish I could post these rules – so simple.

  • No need to yell- it won’t get you anywhere your inside voice won’t
  • Every company has “policies “ in place for a reason. Trust me , it’s not to “ruin your life”
  • So what you’ve been a”Loyal “ customer for a fazillion years. You’ve pId for a service , we’ve provided that service. Quid pro quo.
  • No, you can’t have credit “because “. If the charges are “Not” valid, I’ll be more than  happy to adjust your bill. Not just because “because “
  • We don’t have magic buttons to tappity tap tap when you say (fixed income, hospital, new baby, other bills, divorce, competitions prices, ) You are a customer like any other
  • Stop whining for a manager, they don’t want to talk to you either
  • Finally—-Don’t Interrupt when you asked me a question give me an opportunity to answer it before you ask another. That doesn’t help either because the only thing will do is start back to where we left off and your second question is still going to have to wait

What do you think?

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