An interesting call

I had a call a while back from a client at a new site that had just been built. After the good morning from me I had this.

Client: I want an update on my issue

Me: Certainly, do you have a ticket reference?

C: No

Me: Ok, do you know who you spoke to?

C: No

Me: Ok, what’s the problem?

C: Excuse me?!?

Me: No, I mean could you explain to me the issue you are having?

C: I don’t want to have to explain it again..

Me: I’m just looking for any corresponding tickets, unfortunately I can’t find anything. May you let me know what it’s regarding?

C: I don’t know. Can I speak to someone else!?!? Although this conversation is very entertaining.

(At this point I was speechless and went silent)

C: Don’t worry I shall call later. Hangs up

It’s amazing how they wanted something fixed but wouldn’t let me know what it was then proceeded to be rude and get angry.

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