Mondays ey?

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I had four calls today where I seriously wondered about the mental state of customers.

I work for a large payment processing company. Let’s call them spendfriend. I work in the claims and fraud team dealing with a myriad of issues. Today took the proverbial though.

  1. “I want you to open a claim that is totally not covered because you didn’t tell me this because I can’t read your terms and conditions because I’m blind and you didn’t send me braille version”

But also five months ago told us we didn’t treat him fair because he doesn’t read braille…

  1. I’m sending you a document issued by hm crown therefore you have to review it before 72 hours (standard review time frame) I’m a customs officer not just an average person”

  2. “you refunded people in fairly because they lied and said they didn’t have their items and then you closed my account because you called me a risk. I didn’t send Samsung phones tracked because it’s too expensive. I can prove I posted them I want my money and my account back”

  3. “I want a refund on my flight tickets because I got picked up by north African country security force and therefore didn’t make my flight.

Sometimes I wish I worked emails.

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