I don’t know if this thing will work for me, but I want you to give it to me for free anyway…

So about a year ago I was working at a call center for an unnamed cable company. One morning I got a call from a guy who had recently installed his cable and was interested in being able to view 4K content on his TV. He sounded European, like he was in his late 30’s or early 40’s. I told him I was happy to help him out, as you should and took a look into his account to see what his options were. I informed him that in order for him to be able to watch 4K he would need to upgrade his box as a special cable box was required to view 4K and he only has one of the standard ones that come with the basic setup. He asked me what he would need to do to get one. To which I politely informed him that I could initiate an order to have one set up for him, but it would cost $99 for the box itself and then another $99 to have someone come out to install it. He then asked me why I was “making this so difficult” and said he could just bring the old one to one of our stores and just swap it out for the new one and install it himself. I explained to him its not that simple an that the box is a completely different box from the one he has and we couldn’t simply swap his old one for it, also that someone would actually NEED to come out as the installation isn’t as clear-cut as plugging the old one out and putting the new one in.

I could tell he was getting aggravated, he then claimed that when he set his service up they told him he could get new boxes with free installation. I then told him that new boxes and free installation only applied for the one time when he was initially getting the services as per the new service promotion where the company would waive some, if not all the charges for the boxes and installation, and that if he wanted a free 4K box he should’ve specified that at that time as I’m certain they would’ve been willing to do that. He then said “So you’re saying if I had told them in the beginning that I wanted 4K, they would’ve given it to me for free?” I told him that’s correct. He then starting shouting saying that’s not fair and that we “took advantage of his ignorance” and now we’re forcing him to pay for it. He asked me if there’s any other way he could get the box for free which I calmly replied “Unfortunately not.” He then said that I should go and ask my supervisor to check whether or not he could get it for free, and if not he wanted to speak to her personally. I tell him to please hold and got a hold of my supervisor.

I tell my supervisor the whole story and asked if she could get rid of this guy for me as I really hated these kinds of entitled customers that yell and complain in order to get free stuff instead of paying for it like everyone else. But instead she then input a credit on the customers account that would cover all the costs and told me to go ahead and proceed with the order. To which I told her was a terrible idea as that’s gonna give him the impression that all he needs to do is make some noise to whoever is on the other end and we’ll bend to his will, which is nothing but bad news for everyone involved. Regardless I did what she told me as I wasn’t paid enough to care what happens after he hangs up the phone. I informed the customer what my supervisor did for him and proceeded with the order. As I’m going through the process he starts asking me about the 4K box itself and I explained to him that he will be able to view 4K content once the box is hooked up to a compatible 4K TV.

To which he replies… “How would I know if my TV is compatible or not?”

I muted my phone and banged my head on the table after I heard that one. After going through all that trouble and getting this done the guy didn’t even know if he has an actual 4K tv that would make it work. Now I wouldn’t go so far as to call this guy stupid, but he certainly isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. I was so done with him at that point that I simply completed the order, scheduled the date for the technician to come out to install the cable box and told him to google the serial number on the TV to find out the specs. I only hoped for his sake that his TV actually was 4K and that this wasn’t all for nothing.

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