Crazy Recycling Lady!

I work at a call center for a pizza company in Canada where I take all the pizza orders for the Provice and send them to the pizzeria.

This one time, a women in her late 40s early 50s calls and wanted to place an order. The call began normal as I asked her for her phone number and her adresse for where her pizza was to be delivered. She gave me all her information and then began to give me her pizza order. Once she finished her order, and I told her the price, she asked me if our pizza delivery driver could take her old pizza boxes from her previous order that she placed with us. It was very weird to me as I never had a customer ask for an odd request like this. I responded politely saying that unfortunately we do not take back the pizza boxes and that she could just toss them in the recycling bin. She then proceeds to lecture me on how it is the company’s responsibility to recycle her boxes as they are Canadian citizens. I told her once again that we don’t accept them back and that she can just throw them out. I then placed her order and we ended the call. I really had the urge during that call to say to her that she too was responsible for recycling her wastes as she too was a Canadian citizen, but that probably would of escalated the problem.

A couple minutes later, my coworker received a call with the same lady. The lady began to explain the recycling situation again for 5 minutes to my coworker. My coworker repeated the same thing to her saying that we don’t take back the boxes. The lady hung up the phone.

The crazy lady called one last time enraged and demanded to speak to a manager/supervisor. I said there was no problem and then placed the call on hold for a supervisor.

I warned my supervisor that the call was with a crazy customer. She picked up the call and argued with the customer for another 10 minutes on why we don’t take back the pizza boxes. This lady was so crazy that even our pizza delivery driver of that specific store location never wanted to deliver anything to that crazy lady’s house. She was obsessed with people taking her trash and recycling it for her.

This was probably the oddest situation I have ever received during work.

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