Cheap isn’t cheap enough

Tl;dr at the bottom.

I had this customer call in complaining why all her lines were $50 when one was using very little data. She was trying to push me into maybe switching the plans on that line and she got upset when math happened.

Little backstory. Unlimited data rates change based off number of lines. Red Check’s starting point is Go. With Go, 1 line is $80, 2 are $70, 3 is $55 and 4+ is $45. Autopay + paperless gets $5 off.

Lady had 3 lines, account also had autopay + military discount totally $55 off. $15 from the 3 lines and $40 for military.

50 * 3 = 150 – 40 = $110 or 36.66 with we split that 3 ways.

For a comparison, 2 lines with autopay is $140. Single 2GB plan would have been $35 + $20 for a line charge. I don’t even have to go beyond that for it to be obvious splitting a line out to “save” costs more than having all discounts on a single bill.

She also has insurance and paying on a couple of iPhones and wonders why her bill is over $200. I dunno about anyone else, but 36.66 for unlimited data isn’t expensive.

Tl;dr: Customer is getting all possible discounts, upset that isn’t cheap enough. Complains bill is high when she is financing several iPhones.

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