I am not a bot.

Dear customers,

I am not a bot. I don’t understand why you don’t believe me when I say this. I’m pretty sure most companies are very straightforward and let you know straight away that you are interacting with a bot. I am also pretty sure that most companies are not going to shell out boatloads of money for an advanced AI capable of navigating customer service interactions successfully.

So no, I am not a bot. And no, I will not answer your stupid trivia questions to prove myself to you. Whats 2+2? Really? You think a bot couldn’t solve that?

But if I was a bot, what is the point of cursing at me? Do you think AI have feelings? Or do you think the chat manager is going to look at the transcript and be like “Wow, don’t you talk about my bot like that!”

I just had a chat where a customer told me to “screw off” and “you can’t fool me” when I told him I was an actual person.

I just don’t understand it.

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