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Hi everyone. So I work for an international Japanese company that makes gaming consoles.

I’m a support specialist, which basically means that I’d you have an issue, you call us (If you’re too dumb to Google) 90 Percent of the time.

Like I told you, first time posting so apologies for any errors, formatting or otherwise.

I will be S and customer will be C.

S: hello, welcome to ***** support, how may I help you?

C: Yea hello, I’m calling because my account seems to have been hacked.

S: Oh that doesn’t sound good at all, can I have your details please?

(Boring creating the contact)

S: so what seems to be the issue?

C: there has been charges in my bank from your company I do not recognize them. Somebody has hacked my account!

S: okay, we can look I to that for you. For security reasons, please provide me with your serial number.

C: Serial number

(While confirming, she told me that only her children uses the account)

S: Yup, thank you, the serial you provided matched the serial of the purchase which means two things. Either your children spend your money or somebody who has access to your house went In, and made this purchases.

C: Well my child would not so that

S: the entertainment system serial matches yours and I can assure you, nobody has hacked your account.

C: I didn’t do it it, and my son would never buy things without my permission.

S: Well then I would recommend calling the police, since somebody has access to your house and are making purchases on your entertainment system.

C: hangs up.

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