Can you give me permission so that I don’t get arrested?

I used to work for a cell phone company’s customer service. This call was about 10 years ago. Me=me Cu=customer

Me: standard greeting, thank you for calling blank, my name is me, how may I help you?

Cu: yeah I need you to give me permission to go back into the cell phone store.

Me: okay…… Why do you need permission to go back into the cell phone store?

Cu: well I have an sd card that has information on it I need, but my phone doesn’t have a sd card slot. I went into the store, but they didn’t have any phones available with a sd card slot. So I took one of the display models and ripped that cord cable thingy of the back. Apparently that’s a no no. The manager kicked me out of the store and called the cops. So I’m calling you guys so you can tell the manager that he had to let me back into the store so I can use their phone to get my data from the sd card.

Me: unfortunately sir I don’t have the authority to do that. That is something that is up to the manager. I would be more than happy to find you another store that you can try and see if they have a phone you can use, it I recommend going to Walmart as they have adapters that will allow you to transfer the data to a computer and then onto your phone.

Cu: yeah but I really don’t want to have to buy anything. I mean with how much I pay a month for service, (which was about $60.00 a month), you guys should do it for me. Aww hell I’ve already had a few drinks anyhow, ( about 10:00 a.m. his local time), I’m just go back in and try it again. Hell is not like the police are gonna arrest me. Have a nice day……… Click.

Unfortunately the call center I was at was inbound only and I couldn’t give the store manager a heads up.

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