"A year has passed and you still haven’t refunded my money back to me!"

Hey guys! First time posting at this sub, English isn’t my first language and I’m on mobile, so please bear with me here.

So today is my last day working as a customer service operator for a payment gateway company, so I’d figured I should share some of my more memorable stories during my 4 months there. TLDR at the bottom.

A little back story: The customer service department in this company is quite new. There are no escalations, no quality surveys (idk what you guys call them), and rather basic phones (no headsets and record button) with a computer for basic procedures. My job involves checking the status of transactions and refunds primarily on an online Chinese shopping site and relay the information to the customers via phone and email. (mostly inbound ones)

The cast: Me: me, MG: mad guy. C: co-worker

I am a few weeks into the job at this point, starting to grasp onto things but still quite anxious when met with unknown things.

Me (in Chinese): Hello, (company name), how are you doing? (I know it sounds weird but that’s what their little training taught me)

MG: tells me his name and gives me the reference number required to check

Usually callers don’t know what on earth they need to provide for us to check, so if the caller starts by giving said info, we will know that they’re a “regular” (in a bad way, also we give them nicknames, too)

Me: Oh I see, please allow me some time to check, thank you.

MG: “grumpy sounds that probably means hurry the fk up”

Me: press hold button and asks C Hey, you got MG last time, right? What’s his problem?

C is kinda like the tier 2 operators, she also handles credit card terminals related enquiries and is way more experienced than me.

C: Oh you got him this time? Lucky you. I told him we’re still checking with the bank and he got really mad.

Me: Oh…crap. unholds MG, please allow me some time while I check with our IT team,yeah?

MG: Whatever, that’s what the lady told me last time and you’re probably the same as her.

Me: slightly taken back I see, holds

Basically, the bank screwed up this guy’s refund (it rarely happens but when it does it sucks ass and creates regulars), and being THE bank, they take years to reply to our requests and eons to actually process them. In this case, the IT team is still awaiting the reply from the bank.

Me: sighs and unholds MG, we are still awaiting the…gets cut off

MG: Reply from bank? That’s exactly what C told me last time, and that was a year ago!

Me: … excuse me?

MG: Y’know, Chinese New Year has passed and you still have not gotten a reply yet!? A.Year.Has.Passed, you hear me!?

Side note: Chinese New Year is considered a national holiday and celebrated nationwide (usually around the end of January and beginning of February). Naturally, THE bank doesn’t work during the holidays (duh), thus lengthening the process even more.

Me: absolutely speechless uhhhhhhhh sure, I will highlight this case to our IT Team and tell them to process this ASAP.


Me: what the actual fuck uhhhhhh sir?

MG: goes on a rant about how much our company and employees suck, as he’s a busy man and ain’t for time for this shit for about a minute or so

MG: To conclude, (I don’t know how to translate that phrase from Chinese) I sure as hell hope you guys won’t take two years to complete such a SIMPLE request, okay? Gosh you guys are terrible.

Me: basically mindfucked ok sir, goodbye.


And all this for 40-ish local currency (equivalent to 10 USD).

He called in a few more times before his refund is finally process by THE bank after much pleading from me and my coworkers to the IT Team. I had the “honour” to inform him via email and close his case for good. I don’t get paid enough to listen to his voice again.

He is remembered as Mr Low (courtesy of his surname), or ‘Cantonese insult that means absolutely disgusting’ by us.

TLDR: Man calls in after Chinese New Year, claims that a year has passed after a week or two and demands refund to be processed immediately.

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