"How do you not know?!" Well, I’m not physically in the vehicle with the driver

First call of the day, had a customer whose order was delivered to the wrong address again (exact same street name, street number, AND city, except Ave instead of St). So, looking at her history, it’s been roughly two months since we had an issue due to this. I was trying to be empathetic and sincerely surprised (even though I’m not), but my wording was poor. I’m saying I made the error of saying “I don’t know if any other drivers have had this issue” because the customer has not complained about other deliveries for two months. I was being honest.

I legitimately do not know if this was an ongoing issue because we were never notified. And if we’re not notified, we don’t know. The only information I see on my end is the delivery address and showing the order was delivered THERE. We do not track our drivers. I’m sure some other companies do that, but we don’t. So I cannot confirm where the delivery was left.

Now, I understand she’s upset. I would be, too. This is the same driver I’m shocked we still have because he had a BIG fuck up a few months ago. BUT her response was to cut me off and be like “HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW?! HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW THIS IS BEING DELIVERED TO THE WRONG HOUSE?!” and it went from there. I want to say I managed to salvage the situation, but nope. Apparently other drivers have been delivering to the wrong door (side door instead of the front door), in addition to also delivering to the wrong address, but she got fed up of trying to reach us. So there was also a missing order….which we were not aware of.

Of course, she asked for a Supervisor (I AM the supervisor). Did my best to resolve the matter, but she was tired and livid of everything. She’s been with us since the start of the company, but the last few months just put a sour taste in her mouth. So all our bad. I refunded the order as she requested. I offered a replacement and issued a gift card (to which she said “I don’t know if I’ll ever use these”), and she cancelled her account. I’m caught between feeling like shit I couldn’t fix the issue and angry that work is so slow right now and we mess up this bad. I didn’t even really know what to say short of “words cannot even begin to describe how irrationally upset I for you right now.”

I’m sorry I’m all over the place. I’m tired and still letting this call roll off my back.

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