I’m a call center supervisor for a large medical practice in my area. I had previously worked as the front desk supervisor. Left; came back for the call center supervisor position (having never worked in a call center). The call center had been without a direct supervisor for two years before I. So I went about what I thought was the right thing and selected people who actually DID their job for promotion (I’m a supervisor it’s what you should do, IMHO). Thought it would have a great impact on morale. “Wow, X, did their job and they PROMOTED!” Well, funny thing thing that didn’t happen. Odd but then again this I spent about an hour of my time this afternoon designing a BINGO card with phrases that I hear all the time on calls. (Saw this on the internet somewhere) I handed them out before I left and they were overjoyed when I said,”We’re playing BINGO tomorrow.” I’m not sure to happy or just shake head. At least it will be an interesting day.

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