She saw her spouse die

I work in a call center for car accident rehab patients. Yesterday I was assigned a patient to call and schedule. I called her and it seemed like it was a fax number (tonal beeping, no voicemail), so I alerted her referring doctor. About an hour later I recognize her number calling in and pick up immediately. She tells me she watched her husband die in the crash and her and her two children were all in the car together. She is planning his funeral so she wasn’t sure about her schedule at the moment. It was a tough call. She cried. I cried. But it’s all in a day’s work. This happens a lot but hearing her tell me her children saw their dad die absolutely gutted me. It messed me up for the day and I fell asleep when I got home at 7pm. Anyway, back to the phones!

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Are you mean to customer service reps?

"How do you not know?!" Well, I’m not physically in the vehicle with the driver