Don’t transfer to Spanish Care, kids

This isn’t about me, but a coach at our center.

A little awhile back (28th of April) my center had majority of us change schedules due to a shift bid. Been here for 3 years and every year we were supposed to, we never did. Anyway, we were split into rank based off performance for the previous 3 months. Those with higher ranks got first pick of available schedules. For anyone curious, my rank was 17th, which wasn’t too bad considering how many people work here.

During this period, a lot of people just quit. I don’t blame them, I wasn’t thrilled with getting my schedule changed either. Only agents with 5+ years got to sit out the shift bid if they wanted, the rest of us, including coaches, had to change. All things considered, my new schedule is decent.

Since we have new schedules, I see certain people less than I used to. After someone on my team mentioned they haven’t seen a specific coach, I noticed I haven’t either. Won’t use his real name, but let’s call him “Rick”.

Rick was a guy in his 40’s that dressed like he listens to 90’s hip hop. You can also tell when he’s around by scent. You know those people that smell like they bathe in cologne? We would joke we smell Rick’s perfume when he was around. I did like Rick, though. Was funny watching him freak out perverts when female agents got those calls.

So I get a weekly coaching and decided to ask my new coach what happened to Rick. That’s when she tells me and I had a mini giggle fit imagining how that went down. At our center, we joke that we’ll send obnoxious customers to Spanish Care. We’ll never do it of course, but that was a running gag.

Turns out Rick had a sup call and got into it with a customer. This escalated to him sending the customer to Spanish Care. Quality Assurance just so happen to have been listening to that call and Rick got fired for it. The absolute mad man actually transferred a customer to Spanish Care! 😂

He tried to deny it, but hard to when you have recordings. I was sitting there with a smirk so wishing I could have been a witness to that call. I’ve overheard Rick’s sup calls before and he was always extremely patient with customers. Whoever riled him enough to do what he did must have been an absolute dick to deal with. Either that or he got an atrocious schedule. Who knows? 🤷‍♂️

All I know is Rick was the hero we didn’t deserve. RIP that confused Spanish agent haha 💀

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