Tech support 101 for senior citizens

First time. Posting on mobile. Etc

I work support and I came up with the below for customers especially senior citizens.

  1. If you’re technology challenged, don’t tell me. Just stop using technology. Use something basic.

  2. If you have a child/grandchild etc who is good at technology, isn’t it easier to just ask them first.

  3. Google is your friend. I have a job because you don’t know how to use it. It’s easier to search for the answer than to call and wait and talk for one hour.

  4. Call the right people for your problems. Stop calling laptop company for printer problem or your phone maker for social media settings. That’s why you get tossed around.

  5. Tell the full story about what you did before the issue happened. Not after 20 minutes of making me dig around aimlessly.

  6. Some things are beyond my control. Stop acting like it’s my fault. I’m just the messenger. The infantry.

  7. When you’re directed to a website, stop doing a google search for it to come up with a bunch of useless results. Type in the address bar.

  8. If you remembered that you had more issues after the call ends, don’t take that as a reason to give a bad survey.

  9. If you’ve been a customer for bazillion years, we know. We appreciate that. Now what was the reason you called for?

  10. If you’re never buying the company’s products again, we’re sorry to see you go but if you do the same things with competition B, same results.

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