You could have saved us both 3 minutes if you asked a question you were supposed to.

I just had the dumbest person from our National office on the line. They called me asking about a service call done the other day for a member. I get the member’s info, can’t find anything.

Me: “What city and state were they in?”

Them: “Uh… I’m not sure.” FFS. You’re supposed to find this out so you know which area you need to call.

Me: “Well, I can’t find anything with his last name, even when searching over the entire month, and when I plug his number in, it shows he lives in [state I have nothing to do with].”

Them: “Let me put you on hold and ask the member.”


Them: “Okay, it was at [street address].” ….

Me: “And what city and state?” Read: what’s the info I asked for?

Them: “Uh… one second.” …..


Them: “It’s in [state and city that matches member’s info].”

Me: “Well, according to [resource ALL employees have access to] it’s handled by [different area] club. Let me connect you to them.”

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