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I am now in need of advice with this which will be explained in the post because I am in utterly disbelief.

So; I helped that woman regarding her payments after her husband passed and true to her word she did email the car brand giving heavy feedback and not only feedback she gave me a customer service approval that I have helped her with.

Which I do know is wonderful but this is how I got responded from that.

Because the way our call centre works they bid on campaigns and that campgain which is the car brand, they won it. We’re part of brand.

So when they received that feedback it all directed to me because I did something that they did not approve of, after getting numerous of support from floor workers, managers and team leaders that I was doing the right thing. However I was quite intimidated that they took me off the calls to speak to our operational manager to discuss what happened.

The general conversation was that I am on disciplinary because I should have not shown compassion or empathy due to the fact it was another departments job. This is the best bit: the true out come of the call should have been that should have fallen in arrears and we would have reattempt to get it and put her on financial difficulty.

What. The. Actual. Fuck?!

Even though there was records and even a death certificate saying that her husband DIED?! They wanted to put her in financial difficulty even further.

I am in utter disbelief and not only that disgusted.

So now to you reddit; how do you feel about this? How can I dispute the disciplinary action until I find a new job I’m still on probation?

I better look for another job because I do not want to be part of a company that is so greedy and make a person worsen off.

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What do you think?

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Welp, this sucks.

You could have saved us both 3 minutes if you asked a question you were supposed to.