Update: The longest two weeks of my life…

Alright yall. So I posted earlier this week about giving my two weeks notice after having agents cut, and about the company receiving calls about past due bills for utilities and insurance.

Well, I am VERY happy to report that I am not finishing my notice. My new job has asked me to start 5 days early (thank God) and I have accepted. The look on my supervisor’s face when I told her was priceless. Probably because they’re launching a new website on Monday which will completly erase customers information and history from the previous ordering site (which we’ve already had hateful calls over). Partly due to the huge increase in call volume, and partly due to the fact that they prematurely fired 3 agents, without thinking of the consequences. I am very excited to walk away from this hell hole. I’ve worked customer service for nearly a decade. There is nothing even compareable to the way that people in call centers are talked to and treated. I almost dare say retail isn’t even as soul crushing. So props to all of you for being bad asses, and taking that shit in stride! I’m so glad to be going back into an industry where I’ll have minimal customer experience again. However, I will always, ALWAYS talk to call center agents and employees they deserve to be spoken to: like human beings with feelings and emotions. Not like robots or people who don’t matter. I am beyond proud of all of you who have stuck it out!

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