Why would they do that, sir?

I love my job. But CHRIST, the people who cant manage their accounts are NOT what I should be dealing with.

I work in debit card claims. Got a call yesterday from a husband and wife who wanted to dispute a charge from their hotel. They claimed theyd been charged twice. I look, and only see one charge from the hotel. They explain that yes, but after they checked out, the hotel said they’d be sending money back to them (releasing some of the hold) and theyd been charged twice.

After listening to them change off who was talking to me for over ten minutes, I figured out it was like this: they reserved a hotel stay. They were told theyd get some of their money back (they did). A short while after the stay, they checked their balance at an ATM and it said they had X amount, which is more than they thought, so they figured the money had been returned. X amount was more than they paid in the first place.

In fact the only incoming transaction for X amount was one they’d already told me happened, a couple days before. They couldn’t verify that a return for X amount was put into their account. They wouldn’t say the amount the hotel charged them was wrong. But they were very insistent that the hotel charged them, refunded them MORE than they paid, then charged them again.

Politely suggesting that the hotel couldn’t really have double charged them if they HAD given their money back got me nowhere. Suggesting the extra money in their account was from the deposit they mentioned was blown off. All the while they were very polite, just adamant as hell they were charged, refunded, then charged again. Nothing I said convinced them that that was not the case.

Eventually wound up suggesting they step into a branch to review their statement with a banker. Implied that if they were seeing a deposit on their account that I couldnt see, there may be an error. This satisfied them, so after 35 minutes of circular questions, they finally hung up.

Killed my metrics for the day.

BONUS RELATED STORY: Later that night a woman called insistent that she hadn’t been credited back an overdraft fee we should’ve refunded her after her fraud claim. Told her what date it was corrected, she insisted she didnt see it. Verified that in two different systems, still swore she didnt see it. Got her off my line the same way.

I can’t force people to maintain their fucking accounts properly, but christ do I wish I could. I’d bet my paycheck that woman wasn’t even looking at her account statement when insisting it wasn’t there.

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