Why we changed our name from Help Desk to Tech Support Center

I used to work as a lead on the help desk for a government installation full of technicians and engineers. I had a call one slow evening from a little girl to our local phone number 555-4357 (555-HELP). She found the number on a post it note on her Mom’s computer and thought she’d call in. She needed help with her math homework and since none of our lines were busy I decided to take the call over and give her a hand. It didn’t help our average time on call but it was the cutest call I ever got. She was really sharp and just needed some tutoring to catch on and in short order it clicked and she finished her work on her own.

I got an apology and thank you email from her mom for being patient, her daughter passed her math test and my boss decided we took too many non computer calls so he changed our name.

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Why would they do that, sir?

8 years in a call center