8 years in a call center

Nothing squashes your hope in humanity like call center work as I’m sure a lot of you on this sub can agree. After 8 years I had not only received death threats but have had people threaten my family. I was a supervisor so I had to take escalated calls which could be entertaining but on one night in particular I got a gem.

This man who was extremely pissed we called and to be fair we were calling awful late, tried convincing me that he was a federal judge and that whatwe were doing was illegal. Now fun fact, a center that isn’t selling anything can call at any time regardless if you are on a “do not call list” or not. As I’m explaining this to him as professionally as I could he interrupts me and says he knows the law due to being a federal judge and not only was he going to throw me in jail but my entire family. I asked him if it was common practice for federal judges to threaten people doing their job to which he replied that he was above the law.

I am thankful for my time in that Hell hole, after call center work, anything else is a walk in the park.

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