When karma finally comes around!

A little background, I work at a call center contracted by a very well known bank. The call center was broken up into different departments. For simplicity, we’ll focus on only two of them: debit card fraud and account closure.

This story starts in debit card fraud. One day, I get a call from an extremely irate customer upset because there was a fraudulent charge on his debit card, and had to get a new one. For this story, we’ll call him Mad Customer (MC).

MC: Why the fuck is my debit card blocked?! What the fuck did you do?! Me: Well sir, there was fraud, so we had to close the card to protect- MC: I don’t give a shit about your bullshit policies and procedures! I don’t care that other people are using my card! I’m trying to run a business! You can’t shut down my card! I need that card! Are you fucking stupid?!

The call continued like that for over half an hour of him yelling, calling me every name you can think of, and complaining about how his card shouldn’t be closed just because there was fraud. If we file a fraud claim, the debit card in question must be shut down to prevent further use and a new card must be issued, but the customer is still eligible for a temporary card until the new one shows up that they can pick up in any financial center. After telling all of this to MC, he was still not happy, even after waiving any fees to rush out a new card and crediting him back lost funds for fraud.

Fast forward one year later. Now I’m in account closures where we close accounts for either certain fraudulent activity or “business decisions.” (i.e. violence to bank employees, possible risk to the bank, and many other reasons)

Just when I thought I had heard the last of MC, I receive a call from a very familiar voice. Turns out, he remembered me also. He begins to throw his tantrum saying how he needs his card reactivated ASAP!

MC: Why the fuck isn’t my debit card working now?! Why do you people always do this to me?! Do you understand that in trying to run a business here?! Me: Well, sir…the reason your debit card is inactive is because your account is currently in the process of closing due to a business decision made by the bank…

Turns out, many other associates also complained about his behavior and reported him for his aggression towards associates over the phone and in the banking center. He has reported by a bank associate for verbal assault. We normally classify these closures as “business decisions.” With these closures, we are protected by a contract that is signed and agreed to by the customer upon opening an account stating that they, OR THE BANK, may close an account at any time for ANY REASON without having to provide said reason. These reasons are always kept confidential from the customers, and we refer to that contract very often when it comes to closures.

He continued to yell and say how it was illegal to close his account without reason or warning. I began to explain the agreement he signed, stating how none of this was illegal and how we had every right to shut his account down.

It was SOOOOOO satisfying to tell him we did not want to continue business with him and how he had to cancel EVERYTHING he had set up on with his account, like direct deposits, payroll, and automatic payments. Even my supervisors won’t disclose the close reason. They will always say “it was just a business decision.”

I never thought I was ever going to deal with this guy again, but under these circumstances, it was nothing but pure joy.

TL;DR Assisted dick head of a customer with debit card fraud, closed his account a year later for violence to bank employees.

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