A customer was elated I knew the Devil’s name

Used to work taking calls for the airport network in Spain a while ago. I have quite a few stories, but this one is probably my favourite.

So among many other things we took care of parking reservations. These were honestly my favourite kind of calls: easy, fast, very mechanical, normally didn’t give me any problem at all. This one old man calls to make a reservation for Madrid’s? airport, I think it was. So I get the dates for the reservation and his details (name, license plate, phone number, etc). We get to the very last part, which is the email address, and the following conversation ensues. Customer will be Customer, Me will be me.

Customer: OK, I’m going to spell my email for you because it might be a little difficult.

Me: Lovely, thank you. Go ahead.

C: d-o-c-t-o-r, underscore, m-e-f-i-s-t…

M: Oh, Mefistófeles? Like The Devil?


M: !!!

Turns out I was the very first person he had ever met to recognize that reference (?) and he got very excited about it. He also explained that he had chosen that email address because his name was Ángel, and he enjoyed the contrast (which I thought was just! So cute!!). After I finished his reservation he asked how the review system after the call worked because he wanted to make sure to give me a 10/10.

It was my second week on the job and it definitely made my day and took some of the stress away.

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