The amount of incompetence in my company is staggering.

I’m not talking about management but the idiot overseas reprentatives from India and the Philippines. I work in an internal call center for a large telecom company and every day at least 50% of my calls consists of me spending an hour on the phone trying to fix their screw ups that end up causing billing errors.

But this story I’m about to tell you was the absolute worst situation I have ever so far dealt with.

This customer called in stating that her internet and tv services are not working. Turns out that some dipshit set the original move order on the incorrect apartment number and when the tenants moved in to that apartment another idiot went into the customer’s account and cancelled it without the customer’s permission and without any notes left behind. Spent two hours on the phone with the customer and we are getting nowhere with resolving her issue. I have to find a way to change her service address AND restore her services. There’s several issues.

The customer had a $69 offer for 24 months for her tv which would be very difficult if not impossible to place on the account. There’s also $30 fiber internet price that we don’t offer anymore.

Oh and did I mention she will be hit with $150 early termination fees?

I hope you can imagine how livid I was at the situation.

I had to let the customer go because she had to go to work and I had to go to lunch anyway.

So nothing is resolved. Manager wants me to end the call and service other customer while it’s still being worked on and call the customer at the end of the day.

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