Umm, Dial Up Internet?

Here’s a call that made me feel *reeeally* old. It was a great call but still. These darn kids! It happened about a week ago. I’ll be ME and Stacey will be the caller from a Loan Lender [LL]. Stacey was pleasant.

Now if you didn’t know, let me tell you now that banks and other financial can and do (quite regularly) speak to each other about your account(s). Usually when the other it’s just to ensure you’re details are matching (in this case a check to see if our customer was *actually* earning what he said he was).

ME: [Beep] Hello, you’re through Peace with [Bank]. How can I help?

Stacey: Heey, it’s Stacey from LL. Just looking to run a check on one of our customers please.

Here I obtained some information to locate the customer; namely account details.

ME: …Yup that’s great. What is it you’d like to get confirmed?

Stacey: Well on the statement he’s given us, he says he’s earning £1,800 p/m. We’re looking to authorise a loan payment to him so need to know if he can pay us back.

ME: That’s okay we just need to check on our system. It’s taking some time today unfortunately.

Stacey: That’s okay. Take your time.

ME: Sometimes our systems remind me of Dial Up Internet. It’s sooo sloooww.

Stacey: Umm, Dial Up Internet?

ME: Yeah, you know, make sure nobody is on the phone so you can access the internet?

Stacey: Oh. Yeah, I had no idea what that was like. Was waay before my time. Sorry you experienced that.

Umm, darn kids. World needs to slow down >.<

EDIT: can’t type properly today.

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