Silicon Breast Implants Will Outlast Human Beings

ring ring

Me: Thank you for calling Company ABC. This is Person 123. How may I help you today?

Caller: Yes, this is Detective Blue Line. I need to get information on some serial numbers please.

Me: Absolutely, Detective. Do the implants belong to you or are you calling on behalf of a doctor’s office, hospital or family member?

Caller: No ma’am. I am investigating a pair of what I assumme are breast implants.

Me: Understood. Are you able to verify who implanted the implants, such as the hospital or doctor’s office

Detective Blue Line: No. I’m not at liberty to discuss details, but the implants belong to an individual who is deceased.

Me: Understood, Detective. I assure you that all information discussed is confidential. It is also protected under HIPAA, which is also why I can’t give you information concerning breast implants without verifying the hospital and/or Physician who bought the implants from us. We do not keep patient information, Detective, as we are the manufacturer. The hospital or Physician we sell to has the detailed patient information.

Detective BL: I see.

Me: What I can do is get the serial numbers from you, and I will escalate this immediately to my Supervisor.

Been Im’ing with Supervisor during call to confirm he can speak with Detective. He can.

Me: I can transfer you directly to my Supervisor. His name is Supervisor Hard Line. Would that be okay?

Detective Blue Line: Yes ma’am. Thank you for your help.

Me: You’re welcome, Detective. May I be of further Assistance?

Det B: No ma’am, thank you.

Me: You’re welcome. I’m transferring you to my Supervisor now. Thank you for calling Company 123.

warm transfercall, give serial numbers to Supe so information is on a recorded line.

I later learned Detective Blue Line was investigating a Jane Doe. They found her unidentifiable remains as well as her two silicone breast implants still affixed to a portion of her body. All implanted medical devices have serial numbers, including breast implants. Silicone outlasts the human body.

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