“If my tenants die then I’m holding you personally responsible”

This is my first time posting here and ironically this was the call the sent me onto long term sick and eventually leaving that job.

I used to work for one of the major energy companies in the UK via a call centre company. I’d just come back after being off work for two weeks after having an anxiety induced break down and this was my first call. It was 11am and I was logged on, looking forward to my day and my phone connects.

“Hello, this is Fatmandu, how can I help?”

What followed can only be described as the sound a grizzly bear makes when telling you to fuck off.

The guy on the other end of the line screamed at me that I better not hang up on him like the last advisor. I explained it must have been a technical issue and apologised and asked for his account details. He didn’t have any, in-fact he wasn’t an account older but his tenants were. He explains this to me and says that the night prior the electric meter caught fire and NG and the fire brigade had been there all night. National Grid disconnected the meter but didn’t remove or replace it as they weren’t allowed . After clearing that I could actually discuss this with my manager as I didn’t want to fuck up on my first day back, I looked into the accounts. The guy had spoken to someone two hours prior and they’d arranged an engineer to go to the property ASAP but had explained it could be anytime within the next 4 hours. I looked at the notes and explained that he did have an engineer booked and that it could still be anytime in the next two hours but someone would be there ASAP. Cue the next 90 minutes of me explaining that there was no way of getting anyone there sooner, that I couldn’t give him any contacts for the engineer themselves, going back and forth between my manager, the emergency appointments team and my manager’s manager. The guy was screaming at me the whole time as I was trying my hardest to help him until he came out with the line that’s stuck with me since “Well my tenants lives are in your hands, if they die then I’m holding you personally responsible. You will have killed them, you useless piece of shit”

I told him I was ending the call, hung up, logged myself into verve and had a massive panic attack on the floor. I’d never felt so horrible in my life

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