That relationship sounds exhausting

M- me, 30’s female

D- dude, owner of business

C- crazy woman, wife of dude

(Normal day, call up D to book appt)

C- Hello, this is (business name), C speaking

M- Hi, C, this is M from xxxx, can I speak to D, please?

C- …. what to you want with him. Women don’t need to speak to him.

(She then screams off to the side that women shouldn’t be calling here asking for him)

M- You’re clients of ours and would have been notified a meeting was required, in the last few days….

C- …. Likely story. What’d he tell you to say?

M- …. Pardon?

(C proceeds to screech of to the side, and I hear D trying to calm her down. A door slams, D picks up the phone)

D: Hi, sorry. What was it?

M: Hi, D, it’s M from xxxx, I’m just calling in….

(Another handset joins the call, I hear breathing)

M: ….Hello?

(It quickly devolves into another incoherent screaming match, this time right in my headset. RIP my ears).

M: Excuse me! What is going on?!

C: Why are you speaking to my husband! He’s married! Did he tell you that! He’s got kids! Did he tell you that! You’re breaking up a family, home-wrecker!

(More incoherent screeching)

M: …. whoa whoa… I’m just doing my job! I work for xxxx, and I’m sure if you check….

C: You’re a lying bitch! I know everyone at xxxx and I don’t recognise your voice! Give me your name!

M- It’s M. You should have received an email 3 days ago saying if you didn’t reply, I’d be calling.

(Silence, some keyboard tapping. She hangs up her handset).

….. I have genuine pity for D

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