My Favourite Caller

Never knew this sub existed. I’m excited that it does. I’m three years out of the call centre game, but man do I have some stories. A little background:

I live in Canada, but worked for a US based call centre company that took on American contracts. I went from doing catalog orders for high end decor and golf apparel to doing tech support and billing for several small time phone companies. One of these phone companies is a a multi level marketing company that deals with home energy and now, cell phones. You all know how pyramid schemes work. You sign up people to sign up people to sign up people to find customers. I don’t remember what people were called when they paid into this company in order to be a member or whatever so to differentiate, we’ll call them members. Members could sign up people to be members, or just sign them up as a customer. Getting lots of sign ups gives you a discount on your personal phone or electricity or whatever. Members tended to be characters.

I had a member call in one day because her texts weren’t going through. We troubleshot for hours and couldn’t figure out why her texts weren’t going through. Eventually I sent it off to our back office and thought it was over. It wasn’t.

She called apple, got a rep on the line, then three way called us and then proceeded to scream at both of us. I was lucky enough to get this call, as were a few other people that night. She was a pretty mean person.

Her: you’re all crooks and you’re all fucking idiots. Why does your phone service suck?

Me: I really don’t know how you expect me to answer that.

Her: Apple why are your phones trash?

Apple: you’re going to have to work with us if you want to find a solution here.

Her: why should I work with either of you if you don’t know what you’re doing? The phone is trash, the service is trash, you’re trash.

Me: Well, we’re not getting anywhere with this conversation so is there anything else I can help you with before I disconnect the call?


Apple: OGWHIZ, we’ve already found the problem, the customer just refuses to cooperate.

Her: Because it’s NOT going to work.

Me: what’s the issue?

Apple: she’s not entering an area code when attempting to text people.

Her: Because I don’t HAVE to. That’s not how texting works.

Me: that’s exactly how texting works.

Her: No it’s not.

Me: Well, there’s nothing else for us here then. Thank you for calling, have a great night.

She called five more times before I finished my shift. I didn’t end up speaking with her again until she called in to pay her bill a month later. I read her notes and it turned out she called back office telling them she fixed the problem herself.. by adding the area code to send a text.

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