Lady wants me to finish her homework

Hey y’all. I’m new to this subreddit but let me share one tale I had from my previous work.

So, I used to work for a US based educational platform as a Technical Support. That means we have to help students regarding content issues, redeemed/mismatched codes, even simple browser issues under a specific company mandated time limit.

The call (or chat rather) started out nicely. Lady contacted Tech Support due to a mismatched code for her course. Greetings and all that was shared, but I sensed the impatience right away. She was trying to answer her homework but was unable to due to the issue at hand.

I asked for the code that she purchased from her local bookstore, checked it, and found out that it was a totally different book, albeit with the same authors. I was a bit new, only about a month in the job so I ask a superior for help. They told me it was a different book.

Since we have a rule in which we have to recommend to the customer/student to contact the place of purchase instead (bookstore in her case), I did so. That’s when the lady flipped her shit at me. Blaming for taking up her time, and asking me to replace the code right away.

I explained to her that I can’t and her only choice was to contact the bookstore. Student refused, nagging me again about wasting her time and such. She requested for a supervisor and I tried to de escalate the situation to no avail, so I had no choice but to do so. I asked her if she needed any help and told her that our higher department of support will contact her in a few minutes. She said no and told me to stay on the line.

Now, this was when another call came in, and since we were on chat, we are obligated to take two chats at the same time. I told furious lady that I will have to end the chat since our supervisors will be contacting her but she said no, I cannot. Fearing for getting a negative survey (mind you that one negative survey is equal to 20 positive ones), I decided not to end the call and it was in the policy that we cannot end the call unless the customer hasn’t responded.

Customer had me to stay in the line for almost two hours, even when our supervisors were already talking to her via phone.

This lady told me that going to her bookstore would be a waste of time but managed to keep me on hold for nearly two hours, wasting her time waiting. Just waiting for our supervisors to call. After our supervisors solved her issue, I asked if there was anything else and she told me yes. Lady had the audacity to ask me to finish her homeworks. Then she didn’t respond right after and I had to spend three ghost spiels before I ended the call.

It was straight up BS and affected my whole average handling time for that week. Not to mention that she straight up took more than 2 hours of my shift.

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