Mistaken Identity

M- me, 30’s female, on-and-off nasal issues. Important to note; my name starts with an M.

Y- Yelling customer, 40’s, female.

M (with a stuffy nose)- Good borning, Xxx, M (so sounds like a B) speaking, how bay I help you?

Y- I want to make a complaint about something that happened with one of your staff!

M: I can help you with that, let’s start at the beginning. Do you have the employee’s name

Y- Yes! It’s M!

M- You’re speaking with….

Y (yelling)- No I’m not! It’s M! Plus, I know what they sound like, moron!

(At this point I decided to just roll with it and see where this went)

M- date of incident?

(Y gives date and proceeds to rant & yell)

Y- They were mean to me! They called me a bitch and told me that they wouldn’t help me! I demand compensation and….

(Half right; I told her I wouldn’t help her because she kept screaming at ME and calling ME a bitch because I wasn’t going to refund her because she’d gone over the cool-off period by 3 months, after not answering any calls I’d made in the week leading up to the point of no return)

I was 200 % done, and unashamedly cut her off, tone ice cold and firm

M- Ma’m, I’m M. The ONLY M, and vividly recall the incident; I was unable to help you and refused to talk further due to YOUR abusive behaviour, as we have a 0 Tolerance Policy for staff abuse. If you continue to raise your voice this call will be similarly ended.

(I turn on my sickly sweet customer service voice)

M- Now, is there anything ELSE I can help you with today… as I made clear at the time, your invoice is FINAL.

Y spluttered some incoherent noises and hung up.

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