“My phone didn’t come with instructions!”

This one is fairly short, but I found it kinda funny. Hopefully, you’ll get a laugh! Some quick back up info, I deal with Warranties with Windows and Doors, so we typically ask for photos to help determine if it was a manufacturing issue or not.

Me: Thank you for calling X, my name is (input what they think they heard) how may I help you?”

Homeowner: I’m having an issue with x product, it’s doing xyz.

Me: I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with x product, but I’d be more than happy to help you with that.

I start a file and collect info from the product and get to the portion which involves photos. We are taught to get a photo for anything that may be warranty related so we are not just sending parts all willy nilly, and to verify what they need or are talking about.

Me: Thank you, Homeowner, for collecting the information I needed. The only thing I’ll need next is a photo of x product to verify some information. Are you able to send a picture while we are on the phone?

Homeowner: What?! I am an 87 year old man! I do not know how to use this phone other than for calls! My granddaughter gave me this phone and it didn’t come with instructions!

Me: If you want I’d be more than happy to walk you through it. (I help people with sending photos all the time.) Otherwise, would you be able to have someone come over and help you take a photo?

Homeowner: Thank you for wasting my time and not helping me. {Disconnects}

I have plenty more where this came from!

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