I worked in the escalations for a big a big beverage company. Today, I walked out. On the phone we have to present ourselves as a supervisor, because the customer base is so petty if I said I was in escalations and not supervisor, we would not get anything done. Long story short, I wouldn’t had a job if people that made a lot more money than me weren’t lazy fuck ups.

Yesterday, I helped save a large federal account. Today my first encounter was a restaurant in Chicago. The guy came out yelling and should’ve because his account continued to be an idiot. I told him I saw what was going on and would be happy in working to get it corrected. From there the guy was like American war planes dropping f bombs and just being a general douche bag. I told him how I was going to get everything corrected but needed some time. Then the navy came in with their barrage of f bombs.

I gave up, I said “why did you even want to talk to me if you don’t want to allow me to help?” He replied, “oh, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings” and the patronizing continued. I chatted my boss “I can’t take take this anymore. I quit and will be turning my stuff in”. From there for some reason I tried to still talk the guy in letting me help. I finally got him to allow me to put him on hold. When I did, I asked myself,”what the hell am I doing?” I hung up on him, logged out, and turned my stuff in.


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