The best customer ever!

Used to work for a cable company doing tech support and while I could regale you with endless tales of how bad that could be, I prefer to share one with you that was just the best. There was one woman who called in like 90 times a month, over 1000 pages of notes. Usually that many calls and notes is a red flag, but not in this case. Her calls were always the same. She literally would call in just to tell us that she loved the company and she loved her services and she just wanted to let us know what a wonderful job we were doing. We all got her calls at least once, most of us got her multiple times and it was always a pleasure to talk to her. Since our AHT was about 15 minutes I would always spend the 15 minutes just chatting with her about her favorite shows. She would mention her multiple doctor’s visits, how lonely she was since her children and grandchildren were all far away from her, the job she retired from, just anything.

If you ever worked for (rhymes with docks) and you got one of her calls, then you know who I mean. She stood out above any other customer we had for sweetness and brightening up an otherwise dark shift.

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