I’ve noticed something very peculiar

Going from a bank call center to a call center that deals with medical records (both inbound) no one fights you when you ask for their date of birth and social security in the ladder part.

Like, I used to get people screaming in my ear for asking their freaking date of birth to identify them for their credit accounts. Since starting a call center that deals with medical records, people immediately give me what I need to find their records

Bank Call center:

Me: “May I have THE LAST 4 of your social ORRRRR your date of birth to identify you?”

Them: “I won’t identify it and that’s illegal to ask GET ME YOUR MANAGER”

Medical Records call center:

Me (on every single call): “date of birth?” (That’s it, no fluff)

Them: “Sure hun, do you want my (full) social security as well? I can even bake you some cookies!”

Well, exaggerated, but out of hundreds of calls so far, no one has fought me on that

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