Its all in a name

When all a person has to go by is a name, they will assume a lot about you. If you find you are constantly being insulted or talked down to, see if you can change the name you use and see if it helps. I know its harder to fake being someone else when you are talking on a phone, but it can help some.

My family cannot even get any whiter genetically, but my parents have a very tenuous relationship with song lyrics so when they went to name my sister after the Fleetwood Mac song Rhiannon, they messed up and its a lot closer to the singer Rihanna. This got my sister a lot of racist insults the rest of us at the center didn’t get.

Then when I started doing emails and chats, a woman who picked Fran as her name got talked down to a lot as if she had no idea what she was doing. She changed to a younger sounding name and suddenly everyone trusted her!

I use a rather androgynous nickname for my actual name, tho with a more feminine spelling. Even my manner of “speaking” is feminine compared to my male coworkers and yet 80% of my customers call me sir. If it makes them happy, then I ain’t correcting them.

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