Honolulu is on Oahu ma’am

So I work for a travel agency, specifically selling vacation packages for Hawaii and this is sadly a pretty common occurrence. Here’s one example from today:

Me: “Thank you for calling company this is coastguardkid how can I help you?”

Customer: “Hey yea I wanna go to Oahu”

confirm information and ask dates, travelers, flying from where, etc

Me: “So your flight leaves LAX at 9:30am then gets to Honolulu at noon”

Customer: “Sir I wanna go to Oahu not Honolulu”

Me: “Ma’am, Honolulu is on Oahu”

Customer: “No way! Let me double check”

hear some keyboard clacking and quiet chatter between her and her husband

Customer: “Ohh I guess it is. Okay you can continue now”

continues building their dream vacation that they don’t book

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